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Our artistic production follows the typical skills of the ITALIAN CRAFT, which has always been a fertile and rich sector.
ART FUSION keeps this rich tradition alive, which constantly renovates by means of manual techniques fundamental to the producer.
We are in a position both to produce customer's designed items and to design them according to the customer’s needs (we have an in-house sculptor and pattern maker).
We make sand casting through a conceptually antique yet technologically innovative method. Raw mouldings of brass, bronze and aluminium are then artfully welded and hand chiselled, so that the final result is a high quality Italian product.
Our products range from funerary art (statues, vases, lamps, funeral frames) to monumental ornaments, to furniture items.
We also work cooperate with sculptors in the creation of their works.
Art Fusion di Zanella Franco
Via Nicolosi, 59 - 36010 Monticello Conte Otto (VI) Italy - Tel. 0444 946696 - Fax 0444 298208
C.F.: ZNL FNC 56E02 B795K - P.IVA: 02819580248